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I am an ambassador for Nature. My divine mission is to provide leadership, healing and stewardship to transform the commercial ecosystem so that it serves humanity, the environment and all Beings of Nature.

I believe in business as a vehicle for change. As a creative alchemist, I blend many years applying leading edge technologies with sound commercial and governance expertise.

Recently, I have been astounded to hear of many concerning issues facing New Zealand as we know it, and I want to help others stay informed and help turn the tide and protect our country for us, our children and future generations.

love and care about new zealand

We want to inform.

There is already a lot of work going on, especially by Aoterea WATER Action (AWA) and Action Station, and I am not looking to duplicate what others are doing – but more to leverage it and to pull together a range of disparate initiatives and information that I have been coming across

Water Crises
Our New Zealand government has been courting overseas investment for our water, with very little thought as to the consequences, without the necessary legislative frameworks in place to actually manage and protect us from exploitation. As a result, international (and some national) corporate and commercial interests are being put ahead of New Zealand community needs.
Land Crises
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